International Study

Areas visited include the Peloponnese, Sicily, Israel, and Spain.

Princeton-Oxford Exchange

The Princeton-Oxford Exchange in the ancient world began in 2001 as part of a larger initiative of the two universities to mutually enhance programs of the two institutions. A steering committee composed of faculty of the two universities has as it principal role the selection of a topic for parallel seminars usually held in the autumn of each year. The Princeton members of the committee are the members of the Program in the Ancient World committee, one of whom serves as director of the Princeton side of the initiative. The two seminars meet for three days in January of each year alternating between the two universities, at which time the students deliver papers and lead discussion on the chosen topic.

Princeton Oxford Exchange 2022

This year, Princeton-Oxford exchange was held virtually on January 14-15, 2022.  Seventeen graduate students engaged in panel discussion around a common theme entitled, The Natural and Unnatural in the Ancient world.


Field Trip

Every year, the Program Seminar, or PAW Seminar, includes a one-week field trip that takes place during the Fall Break, after the first six weeks of the fall term. The trip targets an area in the Mediterranean that is of especial relevance to the Seminar of that year. Areas visited include the Peloponnese, Sicily, Israel, Egypt, and Spain. The faculty members who direct the seminar are in charge of organizing and leading the field trip, usually relying on specialists of the several areas to lead the group in the field.  Due to COVID travel restictions, the last international field trip took place in 2018-2019.

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